Enough of the Fictions

Posted by Terry Martin on February 1, 2016 at 9:20 PM




As a publisher, I know the value of a good piece of fiction and I know how to assist in making poor fiction better.


In the realm of non-fiction - say, in the investigation of a crime - fiction needs to be ignored. Hypotheses can be put forward, theories can run rampant if maintained within the framework of the evidence.


After fifty-plus years, I would have thought that it would have been fairly obvious among those of us who have actually done research on this JFK assassination that the Warren Commission and its marvelous volumes of testimony are nothing more than fiction. Start to finish - and everything in between - it has been proven time and again to be a fiction with regards to the "damning evidence" brought forth that there was no conspiracy. In very many cases, the volumes are internally contradictive.


Once it is understood that all the framework of the case is nothing but a fiction, why would anyone still be thinking that the case as outlined by that fictional framework is anything like the case that we should be investigating.


This is not to say the WC volumes should be ignored as it does contain a wealth of evidence in the volumes. Not about the case under investigation, assuredly, but about the conspiracy by the government to cover-up the case. On occasion, one can also find tiny jewels in testimony that contradicts the fiction and hints at the truth hidden beneath.


What fictions am I talking about?


The fiction that Oswald was an angry young man trying to make a name for himself. Why then would he say "I'm a patsy" rather than "Yes, I did it!"?


The fiction that Oswald was living apart from his wife and family during his employment at the TSBD. The Beckley fiction has no evidence of his residency.


The fiction that Oswald shot Tippit. There is no evidence that he was the killer and more than enough to show this was accomplished by another one or two persons. This event is tied into the fiction that he lived at Beckley (thus giving him proximity) and the resulting police chase into the Texas Theater.


The fiction that Oswald pulled a pistol on the arresting officers in the Texas Theater and tried to fire it at one or more. Duplicate and confusing testimony by the arresting officers as well as their failure to interview the other patrons (or even take a list of their names) is another nail in this one's coffin.


The fiction that Oswald was seen in the Altgens 6 photograph. This was cleared up 52 years ago and has no standing.


The fiction that Marina took photographs of Oswald in the back yard while living at a Neeley Street apartment. This photos have been proven - using elementary physics - to be faked. His ownership of the rifle and the pistol are both fictions.


The fiction that Oswald went to Mexico City (to try and go back into the Communist world) before arriving in Dallas. This has been proven to be false.


The fiction that anyone fired shots from the Sixth Floor Sniper's Nest. There simply was not enough time in the overlapping movements of the employees to allow anyone time to fire a weapon from that very difficult firing position. Especially anyone not a trained sniper.


The fiction of the so-called Second Floor Encounter. The earliest testimonies of those involved do not include the incident nor does the movements of other people in the building allow the time for such an event to have occurred.


Each one of these points were created from whole cloth by the Commission just like the unbelievable fiction that is the Magic Bullet.


Trying to reach a complete understanding of the case at hand is doomed to failure if any one of these events is accepted as a real, factual occurrence requiring some form of understanding. Once it is grasped that these are merely fictions, like everything else in the Warren Commission investigation, one can begin to investigate the real case at hand.


It is never easy to cast aside fairy tales and beliefs one once assumed were truth. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy have all gone from our lives with a clearer understanding of the reality behind their supposed existence.


Now is the time for all of us to send the Warren Commission investigation off with a similar farewell.


Fifty years of the fiction is enough.


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Reply Hasan Yusuf
10:47 PM on February 1, 2016 
Nice post, Terry. However, I think it's possible that two shots were fired from the sixth floor sniper's nest window. With regards to Oswald supposedly pulling the pistol inside the theatre, let's also keep in mind all the problems with the chain of possession of the revolver. As far as I can recall, the cops only took an affidavit from arrest witness, George Jefferson Applin.
Reply Terry Martin
6:02 AM on February 2, 2016 
Yes, Hasan, it is possible there were two shots from the sixth floor. There might also have been shots from the roof.
Reply don willis
1:52 AM on October 6, 2016 
Agreed on at least:
Oswald did not shoot Tippit.
The Baker/Oswald incident apparently did not take place on the 2nd floor.
No one shot from the "sniper's nest".

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