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How it Works

Fill out the request form and we will be in touch to confirm

How much does it cost?

The recommended payment is a donation equal to the amount set by the agencies involved + 10% to cover administration. You may pay more or less depending on individual circumstances.

Can I limit the cost?

Yes! Let us know your spend limit. If the agency fees will be greater, we will advise before proceeding. Your total recommended payment will be the agency fee + 10%. 

Typically, if you set a limit of $50.00 (USD) and the agency fee comes out as $45.00, your final bill will $45.00 + $4.50 + any other costs e.g. postage.  If you set $50.00 (USD) but agree to pay $60.00 based on what the agency finds, you final bill will be $60.00 + $6.00 + any other costs.

Why is your admin fee so low? 

Firstly because this is not a profit-making exercise. The admin fees will go toward other related projects. And secondly, in order for us to accept your request, you understand and agree that we will donate copies of all material obtained to the Mary Ferrell Foundation before forwarding to you. In this way, you are freed of the headaches and time involved in doing the work yourself, and your gift to MFF means that the entire community benefits.  

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